Batlokwa ba Mogodumo

The tribe is under the leadership of Kgoshi Mathume V Mohlala, this community is currently situated at Mamone Village (next to Jane Furse), Limpopo.

They settled in different places and it as at Mogodumo where Batlokwa ba Mogodumo broke away from Tlokwe’s group and headed to the east. Batlokwa ba Mogodumo under the leadership of Mohlale l settled at Seuwe. Batlokwa went to Magakala and married a Candle Wife (Tima-Mollo). It was from the Candle Wife that Kgoriane l was born. Kgoriane l took over the leadership after the death of his father Mohlale l

Batlokwa went to Bapedi ba Maroteng and marry a Candle Wife known as Digoke from whom Kgoshi Mohlale ll was born, it was during this period 1861 that Bapedi tribe lost Kgoshi Sekwati resulted in the tribal feud, two of his sons Mampuru and Sekhukhune contesting the throne.

Mampuru and Kgoriane closed ranks with Batlokwa ba Mogodumo under Kgoriane to strengthen his chances to ascend to the throne of Bapedi. The son of Mampuru, Malekutu and the son Kgoriane, Mohlale ll went to the first part of initiation school at Mamoshegele Mapogo. After the arrest of Mampuru and Nyebele of the Ndebeles by General Joubert in 1883. Kgoriane took the two tribes to Matibidi where Malekutu and Mohlale ll completed their second part of their initiation school , shortly thereafter Kgoriane was advised that were at an advanced stage to assassinates Malekutu the son of Mampuru.

They left Matibidi in 1884 and settled at Mamone. After the death of Kgoshi Kgoriane l his son Mohlale ll took over Batlokwa went to Bapedi ba Maroteng and marry the Candle Wife by the name of Lekgolane. Lekgolane gave birth to Kgoriane ll who later ruled Batlokwa ba Mogodumo.

After the death of Mohlale ll, Batlokwa ba Mogodumo appointed Mathume the son of Mohlale ll from the second house to rule as acting Kgoshi as Kgoriane was still young. Kgoriane ll took over as Kgoshi after the death of Mathume.

Batlokwa went to Bapedi ba Maroteng and married the Candle wife by the name of Mante who gave birth to Mohlale lll. After the death of Kgoriane ll, Mante assume the leadership of the tribe until she died on the 10 February 2007 at the of 97. Mohlale lll died before he could rule and before the Candle Wife could be married on his name but he had already married a woman of his choice.

Bakgoma and Bakgomana ba Mogodumo have appointed the son of Mohlale ll from the second house to be the acting Kgoshi until Candle Wife is married on his father’s name and successor to the throne is born. The name of the acting Kgoshi is Mathume V Mohlala.

Batlokwa ba Mogodumo cheiftancy has been enjoying all the benefit of Bogoshi since it’s inception including all cultural practices to date. However e cannot account on what happened at the time when the government issued certificates  to Magoshi. Why we ere left out and as such we are not recognised only by the government of the day.

We have all traditional symbols which Bogoshi is all about e.g Sefoka, Pheta ya Thakga, Lethebo, Koma, Lehlakore n etc. An attempt to correct this situation through Ralushai & Nhlapho Commissions had been made.

Admin: many people have asked the asylum from Kgoshi Mohlala since time immemorial like the whole Seepe clan have given a place to stay in 1931 later around 1952 Manyaka clan also seeked a place to stay. Siome (Swazis) people and others also asked place to stay on around 1973 in Bothashoek which is the name inherited from their original village in Mpumalanga and others from Doomkop in Middleburg. Some people individuals ere given some places to stay in Ga-Mohlala from nearby villages and this is going on even to date



  1. ntsie says:

    I need to interview you regarding this information especially the issue of certificates which were issued to Makgoshi and Mohlala excluded. Alternatively email me at or 072 956 0708

  2. Manaleng Mohlala says:

    I think is wrong for us not to be part and parcel on Magoshi ,Because as you look our History where we come from they must Included. My advice to you as Mohlala,s family is lets allow the Government to sit down with us to discussed about that.

  3. Mpho Mohlala says:

    I think we deserve more recognition in terms of other Magoshis. We should be getting more attention and respect.